Chrysler TPMS-PAD

The TPMS Programming Accessory Device [PAD] is designed to program the revolutionary replacement sensor EZ-sensor™!

This New Programming tool will help make your tire shop more efficient because as your shop gets busier with TPMS you will no doubt need multiple TPMS devices to be successful. Simply load the software on the PC or Laptop, connect the PAD to a PC or LAPTOP and program sensors! The PAD makes programming EZ-sensors™ even easier and faster - and that will make you more successful in TPMS! Just two EZ-sensors™ (one for 315 MHz and one for 433 MHz) will cover 90% of the TPMS replacement market.

Product Support

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The PAD is sold as a stand alone device or as part of a "Starter Kit."

TPMS PAD Features

  • Make Model Year look up
  • 2012 Model Year Coverage
  • Easy to use software
  • EZ-sensor Innovation by SchraderInternet is NOT required
  • Direct reading from sensor for quick programming
  • Connects to PC or LAPTOP using the standard USB cable
  • Ideal for busy shops, frees up your TPMS activation tool
  • No Batteries are required
TPMS PAD Side View
TPMS PAD Connected
TPMS PAD EZ-sensor™

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